A Message from the Dean: The Very Reverend Neil Gordon

The Very Reverend Neil Gordon

As believing Christians, we know that God is real. Many faithful persons would readily admit, however, that maintaining a sense of God’s realness is difficult. Faith is not an object or thing that we somehow acquire and have for good but is something which is continually being constructed. We need to have God made real to us again and again.

We make God real through sharing the word and the sacraments and gathering as the Body of Christ. A specific means in which we do this is we enter into the seasons of the church and share in Christ’s story. Lent is when we prepare to enter into the story of the Passion, death and resurrection of the Son of Man, a time when God is made especially real to us. By waving palms, having our feet washed, sharing in the body and blood of Christ on the night he was betrayed, walking the Stations, venerating the cross, or to share in the beauty and celebration of the Easter Vigil are ways we enter into the story to have it made real for us and to have God made real for us as well.

The various Lenten disciplines of fasting, almsgiving, prayer are all ways to help us enter into the life of Christ. For many years those being prepared for baptism or confirmation during Lent were joined by members of their congregation who sought to renew their own faith and to share the journey of their brothers and sisters—once again another way of making God real.

I hope and pray that God will be made real to you once again. For six weeks we shall live in our ways in such a way that our awareness of God will be strengthened and the things of this world will be less of an interruption. Together we will wait upon God, contemplating His love for us and learning how to love Him and others better. May the Holy Spirit guide us and draw us closer to the Resurrected One who makes all things new.

In Christ,

The Very Reverend Neil S. Gordon

The Dean at his desk