Hebrew Scripture Course

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This event finished on 17 April 2019

This course, offered at All Saints’ Cathedral on Wednesday evenings starting at 7 PM, September 12, is a survey of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). This course is intended for those preparing for ordination, layreaders, and those with a love for these texts and for scripture. Current knowledge of the Ancient Near east, traditional and current interpretations and insights from Christian, Jewish and secular sources will all be presented. For those new to the scriptures this course will give a solid understanding of the basic themes, issues and narrative of Hebrew scripture. For those already familiar with these texts you will encounter new ways of looking at these texts. For those clergy who face preaching on the 142 passages used on Sundays it should be a great source for sermon ideas and ways on how to preach these passages. For those preparing for ordination extra course work will be given to allow you to gain credit for this as part of ordination preparation.
The course will be taught by the Dean, the Very Rev. Neil Gordon over 22 Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 PM from September to mid April. There is a nominal cost of $20 to cover the cost of handouts. Deadline for signing up is Friday, September 7. If you have further questions and would like a detailed course prospectus or wish to register please contact the Dean at ngordon@shaw.ca