Serving Our Church: Hospitality

The Hospitality Ministry organize and provide hospitality at Cathedral events. They coordinate the volunteers for the coffee time refreshments served after the 9:15am and 11:00am Sunday services. They also provide and coordinate the meals for special church occasions. This ministry group are also sometimes called upon to help the Bishop for Diocesan conferences and meetings held at the Cathedral. To inquire about the work of this ministry or possibly participating in it, please contact the Cathedral Office.

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All Saints Anglican Cathedral

Vestry & Corporation

Vestry is made up of an elected group of the All Saints’ parish members. These include the People’s Warden and Deputy People’ Warden. Also on Vestry are the Rector’s Warden and Deputy Rector’s Warden who are appointed by the Dean. The Dean and other members of the clergy are also on Vestry. This group carries out a ministry of leadership in the community and meets monthly, typically on the second Tuesday of the month.

Corporation is the executive ministry and comprises the wardens and the Dean. Vestry and Corporation report to the congregation at the Annual General Meeting held in the Cathedral Hall.


At the Cathedral, we use homemade bread for the 9:15am and 11:00am Sunday services. There is a group whose task is to bake bread for each of these services, and for other special services throughout the year. The recipe is provided to the breadmakers and we take turns baking for a month at a time… though, as with other things homemade, it doesn’t always turn out the same – such are the joys and benefits of anything homemade!

Traditional thin white communion wafers are used at the 8:00am Sunday service. Gluten free wafers are always available for those who cannot tolerate wheat. If you would like to take a turn at baking our communion bread, please contact the Cathedral Office.

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Homemade Bread