Prayer Ministry

There are times in life when we need prayer. And there are times in life when we feel led to pray for someone or something close to our hearts. Our worship services have a time when we pray for people who have requested prayer.

If you would like to be added to the prayer list, please call the Cathedral Office by Wednesday noon to be added to the list of those we pray for during the next Sunday morning’s services.

Members of our prayer team also pray in confidence for people throughout the week. If your name is on the list on Sunday, take comfort in the knowledge that people will be praying for you throughout the week.

Prayer Ministry

Centering Prayer

Centering Praying is a silent Christian Prayer in which we attempt to be present to the presence of God within us, in much the same way as very close friends can enjoy each other’s company, sitting together in silence.

The challenge is the stream of thoughts which inevitably go through our minds, and we deal with them by the mental repetition of a “sacred word” whenever we find ourselves dialoguing with our thoughts instead of just letting them go by. This is all we “do” in the prayer, we believe that this discipline disposes us to receive God’s gift of being present to God’s presence within us. We find that over the course of time this practice deepens our faith and at the same time helps us to become less self-centered and more open and available to the people and events around us. We follow the method and conceptual background taught by the American Trappist monk, Thomas Keating.

Anyone attempting this sort of thing is going to need a support group, so we meet each Monday at the Cathedral from 7.00pm to 8:30pm. We spend twenty minutes in Centering Prayer and another half hour or so watching DVDs, listening to CDs, or reading books on contemplative themes and then discussing them.

Anyone interested is welcome to join us any Monday night. For further information please contact the church office.